About the Caskey Center


Rev. Steve Caskey, the namesake of the Caskey Center for Church Excellence, was a bivocational pastor in rural Louisiana for most of his life. Rev. Caskey was born in rural Allen Parish, Louisiana to a farming family, saved in the Palestine Baptist Church, and baptized in a nearby creek. Rev. Caskey graduated from high school as the class salutatorian. Shortly after, he was called to his first full-time pastorate at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Coushatta, LA. Ministry education and personal study were both very important to him. According to family members, Rev. Caskey got up early each morning to study his Bible and prepare sermons. He also read other books to learn as much as he could about the Bible and about ministry.

Later, seeking a more formal study, he enrolled at Louisiana College (LC), where he studied for two years. However, as a busy pastor, husband and father of three with little money, Rev. Caskey could not continue at LC. Throughout the rest of his life, Caskey studied on his own in order to faithfully preach and teach God’s Word.

Though he pastored small churches, Rev. Caskey had a significant impact on his family and the members of the churches he served. His love of learning and his desire to improve his ministry skills made an impact on those who knew him. As a result of that impact, an anonymous donor established the Caskey Center for Church Excellence at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in his honor.

We are confident that there are a lot of “Steve Caskeys” out there. Many pastors are serving faithfully in smaller membership churches. No one has ever heard of them. They may wonder if their ministry is really significant. They know that God has not forgotten them but wonder if everyone else has. The Caskey Center wants these pastors to know that they are not forgotten. We are paying attention to them. We want to be their resource for encouragement and equipping.

The vision is for the Caskey Center to assist bivocational and smaller membership church ministers to preach God’s Word, proclaim the gospel, and impact the world for Christ. The initiative is not about making small churches into big churches. The goal instead is to make churches the best they can be regardless of size!

Our prayer is that this site will provide pastors and church leaders’ access to the latest research and best practices for ministry in smaller membership church settings

2 thoughts on “About the Caskey Center

  1. Steve Caskey was my pastor. He visited my father in December, 1964. They sat on the front porch in the rain and talked. When Daddy came inside, he said I just met a pastor I could like. Daddy had sat out church for more than 20 years, miffed over a pastoral dismissal of his sincere concern. Knowing he was right was no consolation in the end as he lost his prime years separated from the Body. Steve was authentic, genuine, sincere. He was not a dazzling speaker or a powerful administrator or a gregarious backslapper. He was a Christian pastor who served the members of his congregation and community one on one. I have awesome respect for Steve 47 years after not being able to say goodbye. He witnessed simply, clearly and most boldly by just being Steve Caskey. I know whereof I speak because I married his daughter Bettie 52 years ago, enjoyed him as a father-in-law for a few years and today have the privilege of loving the ones he would have loved. Steve is Isaac, Boaz, Jonathan, Andrew, Barnabas, those men called to be part of His Story, who lived authentic, genuine, sincere lives where they were.


  2. RICHARD GILES May 31, 2018 — 1:33 pm

    I guess you could say I am a ‘Steve Caskey’, as. I Pastor a small church byvocationaly, with very little college and no seminary. Although I have been in the church literally all of my life, have been Ordained and now Pastor a small church in a rural community in the hills of Oregon. I am retired and my wife and I live on our Soc. Sec. Plus a stipend from the church. Please pray for our efforts here as we could use the help. Thank you and God bless you!


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