The Caskey Report

We are pleased to release the Caskey Report for the 2018 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Church Profile data.

The Caskey Report 2018

A few interesting findings include:

  1. The SBC is a denomination of smaller membership churches. 37.7% of SBC churches have an average worship attendance of 50 or less. Churches with between 51 and 100 in average worship attendance make up 24.1% of the SBC. Meaning 61.8% of all SBC churches have 100 or fewer worship attenders each week. Fully 80.2% of SBC churches have less than 250 worship attenders each week.
  2. The baptisms to worship attenders ratio for the largest and smallest churches are roughly the same (18% for >1000, 18.7% for 50 or less, and 18.5% for 51 to 100). These ratios are better than the ratios for the worship attendance between 101 and 1000.
  3. Forty five percent of the SBC baptisms and giving to the Cooperative Program are from churches with 250 or less in worship attendance each week.

While we should acknowledge the contributions of our larger churches, we should not underestimate the valuable contributions of the smaller membership churches.

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