Bivocational Ministry is a Team Effort


This article was in my email inbox this morning. As I read it, I was reminded of just how important it is to realize that bivocational ministry is a team effort. Make no mistake, if God blesses you with a spouse, your ministry is a team effort. My point is that when God has you serving in a bivocational ministry capacity, the traditional expectations of husbands and wives are often impossible.

My wife and I had a similar arrangement as the pastor and his wife in this story. When we were planting churches in Atlanta, I worked in a couple of different capacities. But Karen worked hard in a full time position. Her commute was about an hour long each morning and evening. Her income was our main source of support. I’m thankful every day for the “Whatever It Takes” attitude she displayed so that we could be faithful to God’s calling.

This is the main point. Pastors (and particularly bivocational pastors) be thankful for your wives. God has given them a huge ministry responsibility as your ministry partner. You are not alone.


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