5 Common Mistakes Churches Make on Easter

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This Sunday, April 1st (or April Fool’s Day) churches around the world will celebrate Easter Sunday—no joke! What is not a joke is the mistakes that many churches and church leaders make on Easter Sunday.

1. Don’t Trivialize Easter.

One mistake that you do not want to make this Sunday is failing to recognize the importance of Easter. Easter is a huge deal, therefore do not pretend it is just like every other Sunday—it’s not. Plan accordingly for the influx of guest and the opportunity to share the gospel.

2. Don’t Talk About the Resurrection without Preaching the Gospel.

Too many Easter sermons will explain crucial facts about Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and never once mention why it is important. Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice and subsequent resurrection is part of a greater gospel story. Preach the gospel this Easter!

3. Don’t Criticize Guest.

This mistake probably tops the list. Often it comes in the form of subtle jabs from the stage like this, “It’s good to see the Smiths today, haven’t seen you guys since Christmas.” I know it is frustrating to see people uncommitted to the Lord or the work of the church, but rejoice in the fact that people have decided to celebrate and worship the risen Lord. Welcome them and love them like Jesus!

4. Don’t Fail to Follow-Up.

Easter Sunday is like visiting lost people in your church. Passive Christians, new Christians, and lost people will all be at your church on Easter Sunday. It is not too late to develop a strategy of engaging guest and planning for a follow-up opportunity. Provide resources that tell about your church and do not forget to invite guest back.

5. Don’t Forget to Leverage the Season.

Easter is on the calendar. Non-Christians have a general idea what Easter represents, therefore, use it to share the gospel. If there is a community Easter egg hunt this weekend—go. You may be the only voice to point to Christ. If your church is hosting an Easter egg hunt—great! The truth is the same share the gospel!

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