Gospel Lighthouse


Your house can be a hub for sharing the gospel. It’s a very simple approach to being a witness to your neighbors. When God calls us to be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth, He means for us to begin with those in your immediate vicinity.


Begin by praying for your neighbors to your right, left, in front, and behind you. Pray for them lovingly by name. Pray that they will be receptive to the gospel, and would hear the truth.


Find ways to show God’s love in a practical way. Perhaps you can help your neighbors with yard work, or take them a plate of cookies. The best approach is to look for a need and then take care of it. The principle is that we want to love our neighbors so that they will know that God’s love is real.


As soon as you begin praying for your neighbors, you should look for opportunities to share the gospel. The Holy Spirit will direct you. The key is to be consistent. Continue to pray, care, and share with your neighbors.


So what do you do when your neighbors become Christ followers? Celebrate! Rejoice for the wonderful work God has done in their lives. Then move to the next neighbor. In this way, the gospel will spread in concentric circles from your house.

Certainly, you don’t want this to be your only evangelistic effort, but it should definitely be a significant part of your personal evangelism strategy.

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