A Sabbath of Technology

I remember in 1996, I turned down the opportunity to get a cell phone because I didn’t want everyone to be able to get me. I thought having a cell phone meant that people would be able to call me while I was in my car, and I valued my personal time to unwind. A year later, I had my Motorola bag phone.

Little did I know just how much cell phones/smart phones would integrate into the lives of so many people. I came to rely on my cell phone and Palm Pilot PDA. That reliance transferred to the iPhone. Now I have to check my messages within the hour of waking.

In a Jan 9 article of the NY Times, Jane Brody laments the rise of the smartphone addiction. Couples scan Facebook while at dinner. Kids text one another while in the same room. It seems as though no one interacts with the world around them without the shield of the smart phone to protect them.

Our creativity and our sanity requires that we spend time in an analog world. Put away the technology. Go for a walk. Connect with real, live people for a few hours each day.

Let me encourage you to take a Sabbath rest from technology each week. I do my best to avoid technology on Sundays, though I tend to use a Bible app on my phone while at church.

Take a break from the technology, but finish this blog post first! What are some ways that you can fast from technology?

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2 thoughts on “A Sabbath of Technology

  1. A few years ago, I gave up the internet for Lent. That is, I gave it up for pleasure purposes, such as surfing, Facebook, etc, because I did have to use it for my jobs and a class I was taking. I challenged myself to focus on the Lord instead of the Internet. Therefore, whenever I had the urge to look at Facebook, I would read my Bible instead. This time away was refreshing. It allowed me to grow in my relationship with the Lord, but also allows me real face time with my family that technology often robs us of. This year for Lent, I am planning to give up the internet again, with the exception of work and school. I am definitely looking forward to the break.


    1. This is a great idea Kenny! We will pray with you during this season of reflection.


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