Sand and Stones



Karl Vaters posted this insightful article today in Christianity Today, and I would like to add my thoughts.

It is foolish to build oneself up by tearing others down. Not only is it foolish, but it is definitely not Christlike. Often we reveal our own insecurities by how we attack others. Pastors of small churches do not need to be insecure. God uses small churches to accomplish the mission just as He uses large churches. Size and model are not the point. The point is to be making disciples who make disciples.

I would like to illustrate this with the example of the jar of rocks. We are called to reach all the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we attempt to do so using only megachurches, essentially taking a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we find that there are gaps in our reach.


However, if we allow for the fact that different church models, methods, and sizes are required based on the context of the community, then we can reach the whole world!


As you can see from this picture, there are rocks (megachurches), pebbles (medium churches, and sand (smaller churches). There’s more sand than rocks, but that doesn’t make the sand better or worse. Everything in the jar has the same purpose – to fill the jar. Similarly, every local church of Jesus Christ all over the world has the same purpose – to glorify God by making disciples who make disciples.

In what type of ministry context is God calling you to serve? Are you called to pastor a small church? Wonderful! Each grain of sand is known by God and is significant. Are you called to serve in a large church? Wonderful! God uses these large stones to accomplish incredible feats of ministry. Let’s work together to fill this world with the good new of Jesus Christ. He is worthy!

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