“Do Not Let the Sins of Others Be Your Rudder”


I’ve been traveling this week, and I made a new friend on the trip. Lan Leavell is a pastor in Denton, TX, and an all around great guy. While on the trip, I noticed his tattoo, the one in the picture, and asked about the quote. I learned this was a saying of Lan’s that was so profound, he had it tattooed on his shoulder.

What do you think this means? I think it is clear that Lan is cautioning the reader to not allow the actions others take to determine the reader’s actions. How often do we let other people chart our course through life because we spend so much time reacting?

These sins don’t necessarily have to cause you to get angry to affect the course of your life. Pastors often have people in their lives or churches who try to set the agenda for the church. They may have “good intentions,” but are viewing the work of the church in a worldly manner. Rather than let these people set the course of your day, consider responding in a manner consistent with God. Be loving and patient as you help the person to understand that God’s ways are not the same as the ways of the world.

Finally, never make rash decisions when someone mistreats you. That momentary flash of poor judgment can alter your life in drastic ways.

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