Happy New Year!!


Happy New Year! The Caskey Center for Church Excellence would like to extend our prayer for a blessed 2017 for you and your church. It’s almost cliché to talk about annual goals on New Year’s Day, but there’s a good reason for doing so.

Most people tend to reevaluate their lives at the milestones. Birthdays and new years are good milestones to evaluate and correct your course. Often, people do this by setting resolutions for the new year, fully intending on following through, but then they let the resolutions go.

I believe the reason most people fail at their resolutions is because they have too many distractions. They lack focus.

Nearly ten years ago, I was introduced to a book called, The On Purpose Person, by Kevin McCarthy. This is not related to Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven series. Instead, it describes an interesting approach to living your life on purpose. McCarthy says that it’s more a question of who are you being, rather than what are you doing. In future posts, I would like to share more from his process. Till then, here is a link to his blog.


So what is your purpose in life? How will you fulfill it in the new year?

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