Ambushed by Joy: A Guest Post by Rhonda Harrington Kelley


Do you have a joy-filled friend, someone who explodes into your life with encouragement just when you need it most? While I am a positive, optimistic person naturally, sometimes I need to be lifted up in a world that tears us down. While ministry is a blessing and privilege, it can at times be a challenge and obligation. I am grateful for encouraging friends who pour joy into my life. Jackie Kendall is that kind of joy-filled friend who wants everyone in ministry to be “ambushed by joy” not suffocated by the joy robbers!

Jackie Kendall is a Christian writer and speaker who lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her husband Ken. They have two grown children and three grandchildren. Through her ministry, Power to Grow, she seeks to honestly share her personal pursuit of Christ while stimulating others to also pursue Him. Jackie has written more than eight books including her best-seller, Lady in Waiting, and her most recent release, Surrender Your Junior God Badge. Her wit and wisdom are contagious!

As a young woman, her book, Lady in Waiting, helped me better understand who I am in Christ and why God’s plan and timing are always best. Jackie is a speaker for the women’s sessions of the second annual Caskey Center for Church Excellence “No Restraints” Conference on April 22-23, 2016 at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. On Friday night, she will speak on the topic of her new book, Surrender Your Junior God Badge, and participants will receive a gift copy of the book as well as the opportunity to meet and greet Jackie personally. On Saturday morning, her breakout session is titled “Joy Robbers.” She will again encourage women involved in ministry to be filled with supernatural joy rather than overwhelmed by the temporal cares of ministry.

Ladies will also attend a second breakout session on Saturday morning with a panel of other ministry wives including Mrs. Don (Karyn) Wilton and Mrs. Drew (Judy) Landry. On Saturday afternoon, a Ladies Lagniappe will include fellowship in the President’s Home with Mrs. Chuck (Rhonda) Kelley and a creative ministry experience. Each participant will receive a copy of The Devotional for Women co-authored by Dr. Rhonda Kelley and Dr. Dorothy Patterson in addition to other gifts and momentos.

Ladies, come to the Caskey Conference on April 22-23, 2016 and be ambushed by joy! Let’s encourage each other in the Lord and in ministry. See you there!

Rhonda Harrington Kelley is President’s Wife and Adjunct Professor of Women’s Ministry at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She is a speaker and teacher as well as co-editor with Dorothy Patterson of The Study Bible for Women and The Devotional for Women published by Broadman Holman.

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