“No Restraints” Conference Giveaways

Are you registered for the “No Restraints” Caskey Conference? I recommend you hurry up and register for the April 22-23 conference. We are planning a great weekend for smaller membership church ministers and their spouses. Just this morning I was looking over a few of the books we plan on giving to every registered attendee. I’m not going to tell you about everything (we need to have a few surprises), but I would like to tell you about a couple of books we’re going to give you.

The first book we have for our conference attendees is Jimmy Draper’s new book, Don’t Quit Before You Finish. Draper wrote this book to help young pastors become better leaders rather than better managers. As he said in his introduction, “We are called to live and minister in such a way that God is pleased and others see consistency, honesty, kindness, and godly character in us throughout all our lives” (x). He accomplished this in four sections dealing with the pastor’s calling, servant leadership, dealing with change, and the Kingdom nature of the pastor’s ministry.

draper book

Draper’s book is comprised of short, easily read chapters filled with practical wisdom. He wrote this book based on 50 years of ministry experience. One gets the impression while reading this book that Draper is sitting in the room mentoring the reader with the practical wisdom of a retired pastor.

This is a value asset to any pastor, but specifically for the smaller membership church pastor and/or bivocational pastor it is invaluable. When an issue arises, one simply has to reach for this book to receive practical advice on how to handle it.

The second book our conference attendees will receive is Paul Tripp’s, Dangerous Calling: Confronting the Unique Challenges of Pastoral Ministry. The purpose of the book is to “confront the issue of the often unhealthy shape of pastoral culture and to put on the table the temptations that are either unique to or intensified by pastoral ministry” (11-12).

tripp book

Tripp brilliantly issued a warning call to pastors to avoid the pitfalls and dangers temptations in pastoral ministry. He accomplished this with a section diagnosing the problems in pastoral ministry, a section warning against forgetting who God is, and a section warning against forgetting who the pastor is. This book confronts the pastor with biblical truth so that the pastor is encouraged to avoid the snares and temptations that could ruin his ministry. It is such a helpful book in promoting ministry excellence, the Caskey Center wants to put it in the hands of our pastors.

As you can see, we have some great resources lined up to give away. Make sure you are registered for the conference today by going to this website.



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